The Club JAX Entrance at Jacksonville International Airport

The Club JAX Lounge Now Open at Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville International Airport has a new place for travelers to rest, work, eat and even take a shower — The Club Jax.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a preview of this new club and it is pretty impressive – for both leisure and business travelers. From free food and drinks to complimentary magazines, newspapers, printers, amazing views of the runways and plenty of space to relax before your flight, this is a welcome addition to the airport.

The Club JAX at Jacksonville International Airport
image courtesy of Airport Lounge Development

Here’s What to Expect Inside

The Club JAX has six zones inside the lounge – resting, productivity, children, refresh, replenish and relax.

You can catch up with a complimentary newspaper or catch a power nap in the resting area. If you need to get some work done, the productivity area features a complimentary printer and plenty of desk space.

The children’s area features plenty of books, wall games and iPads attached to the walls for kids to have a little fun before taking flight. This area has great views of the runway and planes, so if your little one is into planes – this is the spot for them!

For a touch of home, local photographer Mark Cranzik’s work is featured throughout the club — and there are some amazing scenes of our city on display.

Wanna quick shower before your flight? There is a shower facility that is super secure and has all the necessities you need to feel refreshed before your flight.

If you’re traveling in the morning, a hot breakfast is served daily until 11 a.m. Coffee, soft drinks, espresso and soups and sandwiches served throughout the day. The bar features local craft beers, wine and creative cocktails unique to Jacksonville.

How Can I Get Access To The Club JAX?

You can experience The Club JAX with the Priority Pass benefit on your credit card (check your cards, you may be surprised you have access!). Other ways to enjoy entry include Lounge Key, Club or Pass memberships.

You can also pay $40 to enjoy the club. Kids ages 2 and under are free. And while $40 may seem pricey, remember the club includes free drinks (including alcohol!), free food and a nice getaway from the typical airport rush.

Where Can I Find The Club JAX?

The Club Jax is easy to find at Jacksonville International Airport. As soon as you pass through TSA security, The Club Jax is straight ahead — just to the right of the food court.

You’ll be a short walk from both concourses and have an amazing view of the planes taking off on the runways too. Grab a seat at The Club’s bar or reading area for a front row seat of the views.

Are There Clubs in Other Cities?

Yes! You can find these clubs in Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Seattle and San Jose, California. There are also two international locations at Gatwick and Heathrow.

Airport Lounge Development plans to open six more lounges in 2019 including Charleston, New Orleans, San Jose and Buffalo.

To learn more about The Club JAX at Jacksonville International Airport, go to The Club Airport Lounge website. If you are interested in buying a day pass, you can purchase it directly on the site.

Be sure to check out your credit cards to see if you have Priority access — if so, you can visit for free!

Are You Ready to Enjoy The Club JAX?

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  1. Coach Sean

    This looks fantastic. Is it mostly for business travels and business CC? Or is this really open for most people to enjoy? I haven’t seen it as I’ve traveled to speaking events or flying to my coaching clients, but I will definitely look for it next time. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. FloridaRehabExperts

    Great article, thank you! I visited it a few times already and it’s quite impressive. Everything is well done and looks nice and sharp. The design is modern and the color palette is pleasant. I really liked their bar as well, drinks were smooth and they are offering a lot of unique cocktails too. Very positive experience and I absolutely recommend it to everyone who plans to be nearby, overall pretty nice experience. Thank you again, Carrie, for the recommendation, looking forward for more interesting things from you!


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