5 Cool Things To Know About SeaWorld Orlando’s Mako Hypercoaster

by Carrie McLaren with 1 comment

Here’s a little-known secret for you – I’m terrified of roller coasters. The speed, the hills, the loops – I just can’t do it. And yes, I’ve been on a few roller coasters in my day, but it just isn’t for me. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to keep up the latest coaster news and videos!

From the buzz I’ve seen online, coaster fanatics are gearing up for the new thriller coming to SeaWorld Orlando this summer. Known as a hypercoaster, Mako is set to break records and excitement levels.

SeaWorld Orlando Mako HyperCoaster

I’m a big fan of random and cool facts and I’m just in awe over the impressive numbers released by SeaWorld Orlando for their newest coaster.

  • Opening June 10, 2016, Mako will be the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Orlando.
  • Mako will be a hypercoaster, designed for speed and relentless “air time” with riders feeling weightless as they reach the top of each hill.
  • The coaster is made up of a 4,760-foot steel track.
  • It will top 200 feet high and reach speeds of 73 mph.
  • Mako sharks are known for their incredible speed, averaging 60mph. They can make extreme jumps and have the ability to quickly change course as they pursue their prey.

Check out this video featuring a look at Mako’s first test run. It is just incredible — I can’t even imagine what it will feel like to ride this big coaster. (I’ll have to rely on my daredevil husband to fill me in!)

This new ride opens just in time for the summertime rush and it is sure to be a hit. For the latest news on Mako, follow along at SeaWorld.com/Mako and be sure to check out the #NothingFaster hashtag on social media channels too.

Are you ready to ride Mako?


  • Eric Damon Spencer

    I will be going to Sea world for the first time on October 2nd, 2019. I can’t wait to ride Mako. So far Nitro is my favorite hyper, followed by Goliath at SFOG, Appollos Chariot, Raging Bull,Intimadator at Carowinds and last Diamondback.The later 2, I hate the staggered stadium style seating. The trains are to long. I feel like it takes away from the airtime hills. Big mistake B&M.

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