7 Helpful Things to Know About Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire Show

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This past week, we made a quick trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate the end of summer vacation. With our annual passes blacked out for the summertime, we’ve missed seeing some of the new experiences at the parks. Tops on our list for this trip was seeing  the new show –

Tops on our ‘must do’ list for this trip was seeing  the new show – Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire at Magic Kingdom Park.

Mickey's Royal Frienship Faire Show - blog

We loved seeing this show during our day at the park. We loved it so much we even watched it twice — it is that great! Here’s a look at helpful things to know about this festive new show —

There are 13 Disney Characters Featured In The Show

Celebrate friendship with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Princess Tiana, Naveen, Louis the alligator, Flynn Ryder, Rapunzel, Donald Duck, Daisy, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa and even Olaf.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is a 23 Minutes Show

This new show in front of Cinderella’s Castle has a great storyline, fun songs and plenty of your favorite Disney characters.

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire - castle view

It Is a Story of Diversity and Friendships 

This new story has a great message and one that I love is being told within the Disney Parks. With songs and dancing, the storyline reminds us that friendships are what shape who we are and the diversity of others makes us stronger.

Three Movies are Featured in the Show

Whether you’re a fan of The Princess and the Frog, Tangled or Disney’s Frozen – the show features bits from each of the movies. I was impressed to see a tap dancer during one of Tiana’s songs, the Hook Hand Thug during a quick scene from the Snugly Duckling and of course, ‘Let It Go’ with Queen Elsa.

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire Opened on June 17, 2016

This new show debuted to the public on June 17, 2016 replacing the mega popular ‘Dream Along with Mickey’ show.

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire - WDW Ryan Wendler

image courtesy of Walt Disney World / Ryan Wendler

Seasonal Updates to the Show Are Expected

From reports on the Disney Parks Blog, it sounds like the show may receive seasonal updates to coincide with the holidays. Maybe not major changes, but I’m guessing changes in costumes and stage decor.

Be Prepared — Showtimes Vary Daily 

Showtimes vary with the seasons and are also dependent on park hours. While there are numerous performances throughout the day, the last show is typically in the late afternoon. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes or pick up a times guide.

Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire Costume - credit David Roark WDW

image courtesy of Walt Disney World / David Roark

I hope you and your family enjoy Disney Parks’ newest stage show. My family and I really enjoyed and we are looking forward to seeing it again in a few weeks.

Have you Seen Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire? 



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