Photo Tour: Take a Walk Along Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon

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With every trip we make to Walt Disney World, it has always been my goal to have one ‘new to me’ experience. During our recent stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, I went for a walk along Seven Seas Lagoon between the resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

From the Spirit of Aloha dinner show to Disney’s Wedding Pavillion, great monorail views and more, there’s a lot to see and soak in during this walk. And spoiler alert: It is beautiful!

Photo Tour_ Take a Walk Between Disney's Polynesian Resort and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort - blog

Here’s a look at my quiet, afternoon walk around Seven Seas Lagoon –

Let’s Start at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 

I started my walk at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, just outside of the Great Ceremonial House and checked out the resort marina. Here, you can rent boats and catch the smaller watercraft ferryboat over to Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. There’s also a dock just past the marina, perfect for a great view of the lagoon and fireworks too.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Marina

The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

As I made my way to the outer buildings of the resort, I remembered that the Spirit of Aloha dinner show was in this area of the resort. I’ve never been to the show, so I was surprised to learn that the show is actually held outside!

I didn’t peek inside the theater as the gates were locked, but now I’m curious about the show and wondering if it might be something my girls would enjoy.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Spirit of Aloha

This walking path was so quiet and peaceful in the afternoon, although I’m sure it is probably quiet all the time, but I really enjoyed the walk. I found a swing and let myself soak in the view for a bit.

Walt Disney World always gets such a bad rap as being busy, too crowded, tons of people everywhere, etc. etc. Sure, those places exist, but there are also tons of quiet retreats too. And this spot may be my new favorite within Walt Disney World.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Beach Area

The monorail passed right along the path and I was determined to get a good picture as it passed by me. It took awhile for it to make its way around, but I caught it! The inner loop of the track is the Resort Monorail and it was headed toward the Magic Kingdom when I took this picture.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Monorail

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion 

I went to a media event years ago at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion and instantly fell in love with the building and surrounding grounds. Of course, I also questioned myself on why I didn’t get married there too. And then I remember that it cost a fortune!

Disney's Wedding Pavilion Exterior

Anyways, during my walk, I was surprised to notice that the wedding chapel was empty and the doors were open. So, I stepped in for a few, quick pictures.

In hindsight, I should have probably stopped in at the adjacent sales center called Franck’s Studio (named after Franck in Father of the Bride movie!) to make sure it was okay to explore the grounds – next time I will!

Disney's Wedding Pavilion - Chapel Interior

Around on the lagoon side of the pavilion, I discovered the Picture Point — with a great view of the water and the castle too! I’d always seen magnificent bridal portraits from here but never seen it in person until this visit.

It was a beautiful spot and I can’t imagine having a photo session done here – magical for sure.

Disney's Wedding Pavilion - Picture Point

After feeling like I was intruding, I decided I better continue on my walk over to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

I made my way past Disney Vacation Club’s Villas and before I knew it, my husband was calling me wondering where I had gone — I had been exploring for so long, he thought I went back to Magic Kingdom without him! Ha!

Disney's Grand Floridian Villas Exterior

We decided to meet back up at Trader Sam’s inside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It was a leisurely walk, but I definitely got my steps in for the day. I was ready for a tiki drink and relaxing for a bit before we made our way off for dinner.

Trader Sam’s is an experience in itself and definitely worthy of its own story. When I asked the bartender how she described Trader Sam’s to newbies, she said it was ‘an interactive bar’ and she couldn’t be more correct.

Trader Sam's Hippo-Pot-O-MaiTai

So, that’s the wrapup of my quiet, leisurely walk around part of Seven Seas Lagoon. It was my ‘new to me’ experience during our Disney trip and one that I would like to experience again soon.

While I explored in the late afternoon, I’d love to make this same walk during the morning hours. I bet the views are just as incredible and it would be a fantastic way to start a day at Walt Disney World.

Have You Explored This Walk Before During A Visit? 


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