My Daughter’s First Concert: Nick Jonas and Carnival LIVE

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As I told my daughter, “You’ll never forget your first concert”. And thanks to Carnival Cruise Line, she’s going to have a story to remember forever!

Last week, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her along to experience the Carnival LIVE concert series featuring an intimate concert by Nick Jonas. She’s nine years old and didn’t know any  Nick Jonas songs, but trust me when I tell you she had a blast!

Carnival LIVE Nick Jonas - Maggie's First Concert

She was mesmerized with watching Nick Jonas — and watching the crowd too. It was an electric night of fun, but I couldn’t help but watch my little Maggie. She was jumping up and down, yelling, dancing and clapping along to the songs. And by the end of the night, she was exhausted and practically asleep in the seat next to me. Fun overload!

The special thing about Carnival LIVE shows is that they are held inside the ship’s main atrium theater, so the seating is limited making it a very intimate show with less than 1,000 people in the room – and there’s not a bad seat in the place.

Nick Jonas Carnival LIVE

The crowd was going wild for Nick Jonas and they knew every word to every song — and while Maggie didn’t, she sure acted like she did.

The moment where everything came together for her was when he sang (for the first time ever!) the song he wrote for the upcoming Ferdinand movie that comes out in theaters next month. She’s been talking about wanting to see the movie and hearing him sing ‘the song’, made it an instant connection for her. Each time we see the commercial for the movie she says, “Hey! That’s Nick Jonas singing!” Ha!

It was truly a ‘big kid’ type of night for her. We got dressed up and ate a great meal in the main dining room of the Carnival Liberty (pizza and French fries for her, steak and baked potato for me) and then we made our way across the atrium and into the theater for the big show.

And after we danced and cheered along with the show, we stopped for ice cream before making our way back to the stateroom. A night to remember for sure!

Carnival LIVE Nick Jonas Banner

It was a perfect night and I’m so thankful to have shared the experience with her. (Major thanks and love to Carnival for making this possible!) She’ll always have a fantastic memory of her very, first concert — onboard a cruise ship! Not too many people can say that was their first show!

And now that we are home, she’s already asked when I’m going to take her to another concert. What she doesn’t realize is that Carnival LIVE shows are like the VIP of concert outings. Intimate, stress-free and massive fun. Let’s hope she has just as much fun the next time she goes to a big, arena show!

What was your first concert experience? 



** Thank you to Carnival Cruise Line for hosting my family and I on this three-day sailing, complete with accommodations, concert tickets and a shore excursion. Thoughts and opinions here are my own. **



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