‘Make It with Michaels’ and Carnival Cruise Line

My ten-year old Maggie, she’s a creator. She loves getting her hands on things to create a masterpiece. From cardboard to markers, stamps and even pipe cleaners — she’s always thinking about what to make next!

On our recent Carnival cruise, Maggie was thrilled to find the new ‘Make it with Michaels’ activity listed in the Fun Times guide via the Carnival HUB mobile app. Held on the final sea day, Maggie was counting down the days until it was time for creating. (But, not counting down the days until our cruise was over!)

Time to Get Creative with Michaels

When we arrived, Maggie wanted to make sure we got there early – she was so anxious to see what supplies would be available for creating. I loved seeing her excitement.

On this particular sailing, there were supplies to make greeting cards. Whether it was for your room steward, your server in the dining room or maybe someone at home — there were TONS of supplies available for making cards. I could see Maggie’s little internal, creative wheels spinning – she was excited.

Crafting activities vary on each sailing and I loved seeing family members of all ages making things together. While the stage area was filled with supplies for use during the hour, we all made new friends while sharing stamps and colored pencils with other guests.

Maggie isn’t the type of kid to jump out on the dance floor and she doesn’t want to be the center of attention. She’s my thinker, my reader… my quiet one.

This crafting opportunity was a great way for us to spend time together away from the fun on the Lido deck. As she created her masterpiece, we talked about all of the fun adventures we’d had during our cruise.

She ended up creating a cute card for her friends that would be visiting Florida soon after we got off the ship. She was excited to see them and thought a welcome card would be a nice surprise for them. I was proud of her for taking time to slow down and enjoy being creative.

Ready to ‘Make it with Michaels’?

The ‘Make It with Michaels’ activity is perfect for families and is available on most ships within the Carnival Cruise Line fleet.

While this activity is completely free, children must be accompanied by an adult. All the crafting and creative items are available for purchase at Michaels. (Maggie’s birthday wish list just got a lot longer!) Activities/topics may vary per ship.

So, get ready to be creative … and create a great keepsake or gift for someone special with Michaels and Carnival Cruise Line.

** My family and I sailed as guests of Carnival Cruise Line. Thoughts and opinions here are my own. **

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