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6 Hidden Gem Experiences at LEGOLAND Florida

From kid-friendly roller coasters to a LEGO-themed carousel, LEGOLAND Florida is home to fun rides, meeting LEGO characters and more.

These are all tons of fun, but the park is also filled with some pretty fantastic activities that I think are often overlooked when visiting the park. So, with that said, let’s take a look at some my family’s favorite hidden gem activities –

6 Hidden Gem Experiences at LEGOLAND Florida - blog

Trade Minifigures

One of Maggie’s favorite things to do around the park is to trade Minifigures with Model Citizens (employees) around the park.

Every Model Citizen wears a nametag with a Minifigure on it. From our experience, they were always happy to trade and start a conversation with Maggie. There are also Trade Boards inside every gift shop filled with a variety of Minifigures available for trading. It was fun to check out the different boards at the Park and also the hotels. You never know what you might find!

LEGOLAND Florida Minifigure Trade Boards

Whether you bring a Minifigure from your home collection or purchase a Blind Bag while you are at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, you’ll be ready to trade.

Try the Apple Fries 

If you only eat one thing while at LEGOLAND Florida, make it the Apple Fries – the perfect theme park snack.

Found at Granny’s Apple Fries, right next to the carousel, these apples look like mini churros, dusted in cinnamon and sugar with a bit of whipped topping – and my favorite, the caramel dipping sauce. SO good! Not gonna lie, on my list visit I had them twice in the same day.

LEGOLAND Florida Apple Fries

And, if you visit during the holidays, be on the lookout for additional toppings. During the fall one year, they offered a pumpkin spice flavored dip and I believe a peppermint flavored whipped cream during the winter months.

Sign up for the LEGO Mindstorms Class

Sneaking in a bit of education while at LEGOLAND Florida is always a good idea and the LEGO Mindstorms Class is always tops on Maggie’s to-do list.

Located in the Imagination Zone building, sign up your kiddo for one of these hands-on classes to learn about robotics and creating their own creatures that complete task and more. Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the class, but that’s a great thing because it creates a unique activity for parents and kids to share this bond together. Each class is approximately one hour.


image courtesy of LEGOLAND Florida / Chip Litherland

There are numerous classes throughout the day, with different topics too – and same-day signups take place at the opening of the park each day. So, if this is of interest to your kiddo, make your way to the Imagination Zone in the morning to choose your class time.

Save Time to Build… and Explore!

The rides and character meet and greets are a huge plus, but I love that my girls always want to spend time building LEGO creations while we are at the park. So, save time to build – enjoy a quiet break in the air conditioning and let them be creative!

One of our favorite areas is inside the Imagination Zone – tons of LEGO bricks and a LEGO wall with some off the beaten path areas perfect for kids to create and parents to relax… or join in on the fun and create too!

LEGOLAND Florida - Brick Building

Explore the Cypress Gardens Area

So, yep – fun trivia, Cypress Gardens was once on the same property and LEGOLAND Florida has gone to great lengths to preserve part of the gardens for guests. These botanical gardens are a quiet place to explore when you need an escape for the rush of the park.

And you won’t be able to miss seeing the park’s massive Banyan tree. It was planted as a seedling back in 1939. Oh, if only trees could talk!

LEGOLAND Florida - Cypress Gardens

See the Pirates’ Cove Water Ski Show

Back in the day, Cypress Gardens was widely known for its beautiful gardens and a signature waterskiing show. You’ll be happy to know that the water ski show still takes places at LEGOLAND Florida on Lake Eloise, weather permitting of course.

The Pirates’ Cove Water Ski show features Captain Blackbeard and his pirate gang battle Miranda Valentina to save Brickbear’s Bounty found in the cove. Water skis, jet skis, boats and LEGO figures — it is a great time and one that my girls really love. My husband is a boat nut, so he loves it too! If you can’t find a seat in the theater, the grassy area next to it is also a great place to watch the show.

LEGOLAND Florida Water Ski Show - Credit LLF

image courtesy of LEGOLAND Florida

These are just a few of my favorite hidden gems around the park. There are so many ways to have fun at the park, in addition to the meet and greets and rides. And, don’t forget – the shopping! That’s another of our favorite activities too. Maggie’s wish list grows longer each time we visit!

LEGOLAND Florida Sign with Kids

What hidden gems are your favorite at LEGOLAND Florida? 

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