How to Send Mail from Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World

by Carrie McLaren with 243 comments

Did you know that you can send mail from Main Street U.S.A in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World? During one of our recent trips, my friend Melissa from Sippy Cup Mom asked if I could get Mickey Mouse to sign a postcard for her son and drop it in the mail for him. Why had I never thought of this before?!

How to Send Mail From Mickey Mouse - blog vertical

This small gesture quickly became the highlight of our trip. It was a quick, easy and affordable way to share the Disney magic with others. We even took it one step further and mailed it directly on Main Street U.S.A! Here’s what we did –

How to Send Mail at Walt Disney World

Pick up a postcard at most any shop in the parks. Most shops usually have stamps for sale, if not they can direct you to one that does. All Disney resorts have stamps for sale too. 

How to Send Mail from Mickey Mouse

Make it Official!

If you are in the Magic Kingdom, head over to The Newsstand shop, located just to the left of the turnstiles as you enter the park, before you go underneath the train station. They have an official Main Street U.S.A. rubber stamp to make your mail official!

Meet Mickey Mouse

When you meet Mickey, be sure to let the castmembers know that you’d like him to sign a postcard for you. If you don’t have a marker/pen – don’t worry, castmembers have one you can borrow.

How to Send Mail to Mickey Mouse

Drop it in the Mailbox

If you’re at the Magic Kingdom, there are mailboxes located up and down Main Street U.S.A – just drop it in! Other parks typically have mailboxes at the front of the park.

Spread the Disney Magic

Let your friends and family know you’ve sent them a special surprise.  They will be thrilled to have mail from Mickey – it’s a small gesture that will mean so much to them. And it’s fun too! (If you really want to be sneaky – don’t even tell them you sent it!)

How to Send Mail from Mickey Mouse- Meet Greet


Sending friends mail from Mickey Mouse has quickly become a new tradition in our family. We love trying to decide who to surprise with a postcard! Give it a try on your next trip to Walt Disney World – I bet you’ll love it too!

And don’t just limit yourself to Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom – any of the characters that sign autographs can do this too!  I think we may start trying a few different characters too.

Sending postcards to friends has quickly become a tradition for us. We have already started talking about who will receive the next postcard from Mickey!

What Disney character would you like to send you mail? 


  • Lianne L

    What a super cute idea!!! Especially fun to do on your last day…. how WONDERFUL would it be to receive a postcard from Mickey when you return home!

    • robert porter

      This is a great way to share your trip with friends and family who could not go with you.

    • Lisa Urwick

      So cool to get a note from Mickey!

  • sarah hirsch

    How cute! I’ve never heard of this before.

  • Julie Caris

    Very cute idea! I wonder if Disneyland has an official stamp as well. Going to check that out the next time we visit.

  • Valerie

    We love to send–and receive!–mail from Main Street USA!

  • dmforman

    What a fun idea to do while you are on vacation. Thank you!!!

  • deirdre

    What a great idea! Love to send mickey mail!

    • Michelle leach

      Im alittle older but sense i was a little girl i always loved mickey mouse. I could never save enough money to go see him. Im a 36 year old girl thats has alot of mickey mouse stuff. Qhat would be awesome to my collection is a signed picture of mickey mouse would make my year so good.

  • Cindy H

    Wow this is awesome! My kiddos would love to do this!

  • Rachel Young

    This is so cool! I grew up going to Disney and didn’t even know this, we will have to do this next time!

  • Trisha Mourot

    We are huge Disney fans and we have never thought of doing this before. My girls would love to get mail from Mickey.

  • Lynn Putnam

    What a GREAT idea! Thank you so much!

  • Tami

    What a fun idea! I had no idea you could do this!

  • Melinda Berlin

    That’s a great idea & keepsake! Will have to remember this!

  • Michelle P in BC

    How cool!! I had never even thought of doing such a thing! We’ll totally have to do this the next time we’re at the Magic Kingdom!

  • Lee B.

    The kids will love this! Thanks.

  • Heather Sebastian

    That is SO fun and brilliant! What a meaningful tip…my kiddos would just BEAM if they received a letter from MICKEY 🙂

  • Carrie P

    This is a great idea!

  • Amy M-G

    You can also sneak and write an “it was great to meet you note” for your own kids and have the character(s) sign that. Then when you get home, they’ll have a special treat waiting in the mailbox. (Also consider bringing along a birthday card and get your kid’s favorite character to sign it while you’re there. Then stash it for the big day!)

  • Kori

    This is awesome

  • wpoole

    This is a great idea!

  • Mary M

    What an awesome idea! Who doesn’t love Mickey mail?

  • Heather

    I love Disney!!

  • Art

    Oh man, my kids would have loved this when they were younger.

  • Irina

    Great idea

  • April Vogel

    my boss just left for Disney; he goes three times a year I’m going to give him this site

  • Michelle Bartley

    How cute! Mickey is FANTASTIC! My little Granddaughter would be thrilled to get a card from Elsa 🙂

  • Paula W

    Such a fun idea!

  • Bobbi McCormick

    I had no idea you could do this!!!

  • Regina elliott

    That would put the icing on top of cake !!! Kids would love it

  • mrskaylahorton

    Love it!

  • Heather Hooton

    This is just genius. My son is 6 and starting to lose the magic of the characters and I know something like this would help him hold on for just a little longer!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Aw, what a blast from the past. Postal mail and all 🙂

  • Lauren Adler

    Who knew you could even do this? Genius!

  • Monica Ray

    i love this idea

  • Rebecca

    How fun! Thanks for writing this!

  • Holly OGorman

    Super cute, had no idea this existed!

  • Jennifer Williams

    This is such a great idea!!

  • Emily Muns

    I love Disneyland and all things disney!!

  • Nancy

    Great idea. totally doing this!

  • Diana Powell

    What a great idea will definitely do this on our next trip !

  • Vicki Fischer

    Fun idea! Thanks!

  • Donna Larson

    Great tips! Thanks!

  • tiffany watson

    my kids would love this!!!!

  • Amanda 52

    What a great idea!

  • Jennifer S

    great idea!

  • joni metcalf

    Such a cute idea! loved it!

  • May Lynn Mahler

    oh my gosh, i’m so doing this God-willing next time we go!!!!

  • Amy Gangloff

    Great idea

  • angela maxwell

    I’ve done this before it was a great hit with friends and family.

  • mel barker

    thanks for the info

  • Lindsay Bade

    This is the best!! We are planning our first trip to Disney and I can’t wait to send mail back to all of our friends. My mom is a HUGE Mickey fan so she will have to get surprise mail too! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Winona Ormbrek

    What a treasure!!

  • Kerry J.

    What an adorable idea..Thanks!!

  • Kerry J.

    What an adorable idea..Thanks!! Friends and family will love it

  • Leo Ching

    great idea

  • caryn s

    What an amazing memory to get mail from mickey mouse!

  • Corry L.

    I did not know this! So cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jordan Wolf

    Great info! I love Disney!

  • efarrar

    I really like this idea!

  • Phyzch

    Fun. Gotta try it with Donald.

  • Maribel Moroni

    I will definitely be trying this the next time we go!

  • Julie Suess

    Neat idea!

  • Julie Suess

    Neat idea for all the characters!

  • Monique

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mishell DeFelice

    Very fun idea!

  • shannon fowler

    This is such a great idea. its similar to north pole alaska where you can send mail from santa. children just love things like this.

  • Laura Snow

    How cute! What a great idea.

  • Kathleen Kuykendall

    What a great idea! I love learning all the insider tips and tricks about Disney. We will definitely be doing this on our next trip!

  • Elizabeth Resch

    This is so cool, I can’t wait to try it!

  • Brenda M

    cute idea!

  • Sandra Caballero

    What a great idea! For sure will do this to my daughter’s friends if we ever win tickets to Disney!

  • Raven

    This is a great idea!!!


    what a great idea , but I had better have my grandchildren with me and send the postcard to my son.

  • Kiki Buczek

    Cute and simple!

  • Kim J

    Love this idea! So easy to send a souvenir and not have to haul random knick knacks around.

  • Christi E

    I love this! Hopefully one of my friends will be going this Summer around my daughter’s birthday, and I can talk them into having Cinderella send a postcard for her birthday! She would love it! Thanks so much for the idea!

    • Amber

      Love this!

  • Dennis Moreno

    Never knew this! Thank you.

  • Sarra Wheeler

    i love this idea!!

  • Lee Morelli

    Never knew this

  • Robo

    great suprise for the lil ones

  • Samantha Plotkin

    Such a fun idea! I know several LO’s who would love mail from Winnie the Pooh.

  • Iris

    Awesome! Great idea!

  • bobbie


  • bobbie


  • Kim O

    Very cool!

  • Sara Bruce

    Love this idea especially for my children.

  • Erica W

    Very Cute!

  • Sara McBride

    Your blog has been so fun to read !!

  • Michelle Elizondo

    This is magical!

  • Leslie


  • Sherry Conrad

    What a cute idea.

  • Nancy T

    I wish I had known about this before we went to Disney in 2014. Will definitely be doing this our next time around!

  • Malinda

    Such a cute idea!

  • Ricky L

    So cute!

  • Jen F

    What a fantastic idea!

  • Catherine R.

    What a cute idea, my grandchildren would love this.

  • Amy B

    This is cool, I never knew! I wish I could send my Christmas cards with the Main Street stamp, but we’re going at the wrong.

  • shelley w

    This is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to do this the next time I go to Disneyland!

  • Marta

    Such a cute way to send “postcards” from your trip!

  • Yuka

    Gonna do this at Disney World!

  • Tamyra

    Fun idea! And mine would be Goofy!


    Thats cute

  • Michele T

    Definitely would want one signed by Goofy!

  • brian v

    I’d love to get mail from Mickey!!!!

  • Holly Noel Garrigus

    Super cute idea!!

  • Katie H

    That would be a lot of fun for kids!

  • Tricia

    Such a cute idea!

  • Diana MV

    I never knew this, it’s a cute idea for the kids and I hope to try it out on my next visit

  • Razzem

    That’s so sweet and fun for kids to do. They will really remember this because how many kids mail anything these days?

  • Amy H.

    Love this idea!

  • Cindy Harris

    We sent mail Rom Mickey we had him sign after photos,and sent it out from main street!the kids loved it

  • Sandra

    Will have to do this when we go

  • Kathie Williamson

    I love this! It would be awesome to get one from Pluto!!

  • Connie Dee

    great tips! Thanks!

  • Karen

    this is cute love Mickey

  • Deb R.

    I wish I had thought of that when I wanted to send something from WDW back home to our grandkids.

  • kathy speer

    What an adorable idea!!! You can send them to the family friends kids that could come. It would make them feel special to get something from Micky

  • Rania

    I love this idea!

  • Devin Johns


  • ChelseaM

    What a great idea! Thanks!

  • natasha lamoreux

    Wow I love this idea! My kids love getting mail and it would be even more amazing coming from Mickey Mouse!

  • Tiffany S.

    I had no idea you could do this! Next time, it will be a “must do”! What a great idea for a souvenir and a way to keep the magic alive after you’ve returned home.

  • Nancy

    Definitely doing this when I go next time. my kids would love it.

  • Angela Griffin

    I have been to Disney World several times and how did I not know about this! It didn’t even come to mind to have a character sign a postcard for someone. Oh my gosh, next trip will be on our must do list and the kids will have so much fun with picking out postcards and sending them in the special Disney World mailboxes!

  • Shannon Collins

    I never thought to have a character sign a postcard! What a great way to bring some Disney magic home to those who could not go!

  • Jen

    Love this idea!

  • Kristi

    Great idea for little kids! Actually my 16 year old would probably love getting mail from Mickey!

  • Taryn L

    No matter how much you think you know, there is always something to learn about Disney! This is awesome!! 🙂

  • Pam shepherd

    my grand kids will love this.

  • Katie Powers

    The kids will LOVE this! Thank you for letting us know.

  • john gibson

    My kids will love this.

  • Megan

    Super helpful! Thanks 🙂

  • Lisa Mead

    I didn’t know you could do this! How fun!

  • Neal

    What a great idea! Wish we would have done this when we went!

  • Heather C

    So fun! I need to do one from Minnie for my Mother. 🙂

  • Melissa R

    I need to do this for my kids!

  • suzy odonnell

    Flynn Rider 🙂 or Jack Sparrow


    This is a wonderful idea! I hope I can afford to send my grandson to Disney World so that he can send one to his classmates back home! Oh how I would love to see his face when he sees everything… Magic through the eyes of a child is the most precious! Thank You!

  • A Ogden

    Super cute idea! I had no idea you could do this.

  • DanielleD

    I had no idea about this & my four year old would be so excited to send her cousins mail form Disney 🙂 thanks for all the info !

  • Sherilyn Haddock

    I did not know you could do this!

  • Kimberly Singh

    What a great idea! I will have to try this on my next visit!

  • janet

    I love sending postcards from vacation and this is such a darling idea!

  • Kim Doan

    Such a cute idea!

  • Kay Drenth

    Last year I participated in a Christmas card exchange with a group of Disney loving friends. One of the gals sent her cards from the Magic Kingdom. Another sent hers from Disneyland. Those were so exciting to get!

  • Leslie Crosbie

    I wish my kids were able to go when they were younger but they are teenagers and would still love a letter from Mickey!!

  • Brittany

    What a cute idea!!

  • tiffers122

    What a great idea!!

  • Carla W.

    What a great and cute idea!

  • Danyelle Hutton

    We did this last year on vacation!

  • toni wright

    My kids would love goofy and stitch

  • Louanne B

    Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  • Cindy

    How fun is that?!?

  • Rachel

    Awesome!! Wish they had the stamps and did this at Dland!!

  • Heather T

    My kids would love this!

  • Jessica N

    I had no idea you could do this! Thanks so much for the awesome idea!

  • Emily Cox


  • Tracy Shygera

    Neat idea!!!

  • HelloKaileyG

    Awww! Love this!!!

  • Catherine C.

    Super cute ideA!


    Sweet! Gonna have to send this to friends who helped us get to Disney!

  • Brittani Donahoo

    Great idea! My son would love this

  • Rob

    I did not know this! Thanks for the tip!

  • Bridget Harrison

    I had no ideal this would make the best souvenirs!

  • Chiguy64

    great idea

  • Minje Mulloy

    Great Idea! We will definitely have to do this next time!

  • Bryan Brown

    Wish I would have thought of this when we were there. But I will keep it in mind next time.

  • Lisa Chesnut

    This is such a great idea, I never even thought to mail postcards from characters. This would be fun to mail your kids one to get when they get home from Disney saying Mickey had fun meeting them.

  • April Bray

    I didn’t know this. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely do this when we go.

  • Jennifer S.

    I love this idea, and I know the perfect person to send such a postcard to. Now I just have to go!

  • Gina

    Neat idea.

  • Sharyl R

    How fun, what a great idea!

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    Snow White is one of my favorites!

  • Krystyne

    This is AMAZING!!! I am so doing this when I go!!!

  • Anita Duvall

    This is such a cute idea! Who wouldn’t want to get mail from Mickey?

  • Karyn

    Wish I had known about this this when my son was younger!

  • kathie hoehn

    Cute idea! My kids would love a postcard from Anna and Elsa!

  • Tara

    We’re going to try this for a few friends back home on our next trip to see Mickey 🙂

  • Mike Gismondi

    I didnt know you could do this!

  • jamie mehren

    cant wait till i can finally afford to take my kids to disney. just for them to be able to cherish all these memories. and get autographs from the characters. would be so cool!!

  • Nikki Kavanaugh

    This is adorable!!

  • neonderlyn

    Good advice

  • Lara

    What a cool idea! I love how it seems Disney is full of these hidden treats and things you can do!

  • Bianca

    Thank u

  • Kerry

    This is so cool! I have never heard of this before. Must try it.

  • Amie D

    I never knew this…thanks for sharing!

  • Shelly Davis

    Love this idea!

  • Maria S

    Such a cute and fun idea!

  • Monica M

    That’s a great idea, didn’t know that!

  • Amanda Thomas

    There are so many cool things to do!

  • Pauline Linares

    Love it, thanks!

  • David Z

    One of these trips I have to remember to do this!

  • Alisom

    Oh, my daughters are different ages, but one would love one from Elsa and the other probably Rapunzel or Ariel – but the oldest is into Star Wars so probably one of those characters. There is a way to write to Disney and ask for an autograph and they will mail you them, too – without going to the park!

  • Jennifer Castaneda

    What an amazing idea! I am glad you shared this! I couldn’t have imagined what I would do with others stuff while walking around all day! It would be so fun to get some mail from main Street!! <3

  • Edward Haas

    Now I know!

  • sarah alexis

    So cool, I never thought about sending mail from the park!!!

  • angela griffin

    Cool! I had no idea that this was possible!

  • Angela Nicholas

    That is a cool idea. My son is a little to old for that now but I am going to share this with my sister for her children.

  • Lisa Paquette

    What a sweet idea!

  • debbie nubile

    what a NEAT idea to do for family and friends-and send one to your child so when you get home from your trip he/she has 1 waiting

  • Amelia Drew

    I’d love to get mail from Gaston!

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    What a thrill that would be for my grandchildren. I would pick Aerial. Thanks so much!

  • Sonya Morris

    What a wonderful idea! My husband’s grandmother loves Mickey and she is not able to go with us to Disney but she would be thrilled to get a postcard from him!

  • Angela Thomas

    I can’t wait to do this for whenever I finally get to take my 6 year old to Disney World! I’m going to mail one home to her and not tell her so when we get home she will have a postcard from Mickey! I’m so excited about doing this!!! Thanks for the ideal.

  • Bonnie Esken

    That is an awesome idea. That we will definately be soing.

  • Tarah

    What a cute idea! Might even be fun to mail it to your kids as a “Thank you for visiting me” from Mickey when they get home!

  • jill nauyokas

    hoping I can somehow pull this off when I finally make it to disney

  • Sandra Caballero

    I love this ! Kids love this !

  • Jennifer Garrett

    Carrie, thank you for sharing this, what a beautiful idea to focus on teaching our children to share their magical experience with friends and loved ones who can’t be there. I have been working to manifest a family trip to Disney World, and I have faith that it is about to come to fruition, I don’t know how we will afford it, but it WILL happen. I’m so happy you and your family have these beautiful experiences and memories together.

  • Stephanie D

    Very cool! I didn’t know you could do this!

  • Allyson becker

    I would love Mickey to sign for me, and maybe send it to myself. Is that even possible?

  • Andrea d

    This is such great idea!! I had no idea you could do this!

  • Joanne Frank

    i need all the ideas if i ever go to Disney 🙂 Thanks

  • Dawn W

    I learn so much stuff from reading these articles.

  • Derrick Cordova

    That is so cool!

  • Alicia Lefebvre

    I never knew about this.. So cool!

  • Natalie

    Such a great idea! I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it in all the times I’ve gone!

  • Diane Harris

    You can buy Disney stamps at your local post office in advance.

  • Desiree C.

    Totally doing this on my next visit!

  • rebecca Thomas

    OMG!! I never knew about this! my kids are going to LOVE it, thank yOU!

  • Natasha Scott

    What an Amazing way to share the magic of your Disney vacation with friends and family back home!

  • Shevon Ramirez

    Great idea. My kids are a little too old now. Wish I knew about this sooner. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to wait until I have grandkids.

  • Brittany M

    Such amazing fun-filled ideas, thank you!

  • Corey Olomon

    What a great idea!

  • Tiffany Pierce

    That is a super cool idea!

  • audrianna goodell

    such a cute idea!

  • Charell Anderson

    Great idea…

  • Angela Faucett

    Good idea!!!

  • Jessica Tartaglia

    Oh i absolutely love this idea of grabbing a bunch of post card having it stamped by the official rubber stamp and going to Main St. And asking Mickey to sign it. This is so nice what a treat and a memory to share with family and friends.

  • Heather Webster

    What a great idea! I had no idea about the official rubber stamp! What a great way to share memories with friends & family – or even to send one to your house, so it will be waiting for your kiddos when you get home!

  • Amy Bloodworth

    What a sweet idea to send friends and family a surprise!

  • Paula Adams

    Very cute idea to send postcards while in the Park! Would also be nice to send one back to our own house, for the kids to enjoy when they get mail from Mickey!

  • Cheryll Shubert

    That is the cutest idea ever!! I love it and it’s not expensive and totally adorable!! I’m definitely doing that when we go!! Really great idea…thanks so much!!

  • Michael H

    Great info!

  • andy cason

    dear mickey mouse ijust had abirthday and for my birthday igot bubles and iwill let you use my bubles on the disney dream cruise ship your friend andy and now iam 40

  • andy cason

    dear mickey mouse and minnnnie mouse and allthe disney chathers ihope you all have anice mery christmas your friend andy

  • andy cason

    dear minnnnie mouse my next birthday iwill bee 43 your friend andy

  • andy cason

    dear mickey mouse what is your farite coookie your friend andy

  • andy cason

    dear mickey mouse and minnnnie mouse ihope you willcome for my birthday your friend andy

  • andrew cason

    dear mickey mouse mouse istillhave some big botttles if you want too use them your friend andy

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