Carnival HUB: How to Stay Connected on Your Next Cruise

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I often joke that my iPhone is really more of a computer than it is an actual phone, because no one ever calls me. (And I’m totally okay with it.)

During our recent Carnival cruise, that couldn’t have been more true — I turned my phone to airplane mode (no calls!) and took advantage of the Carnival HUB mobile app to stay connected with what’s happening on the cruise ship – no need to use the internet!

Inside Look- Carnival Hub Mobile App (1)

What is Carnival HUB?

Carnival HUB is your FREE connection to what’s happening onboard the ship – from times, maps, entertainment lists –  you can access it all right from your phone. There’s a chat feature too, more on that below. No need to carry around the folded paper guide in your pocket, just use the HUB.

You can even check your Sign and Sail account to see how much you’ve spent onboard the ship and see how much your family members are spending too. If you’ve got teens with charging privileges, this is a great way to keep tabs on their spending habits.

Screen Grabs from Carnival HUB app - blog

How Much Does It Cost?

The app is free to use and a free download for iPhone and Android users. For an additional cost, we paid $5 a person to access the mobile messaging service built into the app. It allowed my husband and I to stay connected with one another when not together on the ship.

I loved having the ability to message him to let him know I picked up the girls early from Camp Carnival — and one night after the girls were fast asleep, Rob ran out to grab us a late-night snack from the Lido deck, he used the app to message me what the options were on the dessert bar. How’s that for service?!

The HUB mobile app was a helpful resource and it seemed that a lot of fellow cruisers were also taking advantage of it too. The onboard listing of events is super helpful, I found myself accessing it numerous times during the day. You can also ‘favorite’ activities and receive notifications about ten minutes before it begins.

Carnival HUB - Towel animals

Things I’d Like to See Included with Carnival HUB

A few things that I wished were part of the HUB — while restaurant hours and locations are shown on the HUB, I’d love to see menus added to the listings.

In the future, I’d also love to see the addition of the Camp Carnival schedule added to the app. My girls love going to camp and knowing what activities were taking place was very important to Maggie — she didn’t want to miss the fun!

Carnival HUB - How to Use

Download the Carnival HUB Mobile App

The Carnival HUB mobile app is available for free download for both iPhone and Android users. Carnival is working hard to get the mobile app up and running on every ship, they’ll have it fleetwide by the end of 2016. As of April 2016, it is available on the Carnival Sunshine, Glory, Breeze and Freedom.

While you can’t access any of the fun features until you are actually on the ship, save yourself some time and download the app before you get onboard. The easy to follow instructions will have you up and running in no time!

Have you used the Carnival HUB mobile app?


** My family and I were invited guests of Carnival Cruise Line. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. **

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