Adventures in Costa Maya: Salsa & Salsa and Beach Break Cruise Excursion

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When choosing excursions for our most recent Western Caribbean Carnival cruise trip, I knew I wanted to find a fun excursion for just me and my husband.

I’m a former dancer and he loves to cook, so when I read about the Salsa & Salsa and Beach Break excursion in Costa Maya, Mexico, I knew this was the right experience for us. Salsa dancing lessons, a hands-on salsa making (and eating!) class, margaritas and plenty of beach time!

Adventures in Costa Maya- Salsa, Salsa and Beach Break - blog

As we met up with our excursion group just outside the ship, I could tell we were in for fun as soon as we met our guide, Francisco. He let us know that the Salsa & Salsa and Beach Break excursion was three hours long, but we could enjoy the beach area as long as we’d like once the salsa portion of our day was complete.

So, off we went aboard our luxury motorcoach (seriously, the nicest excursion transportation I’ve ever seen) for a 15-minute ride to a beachfront resort where a room was set aside for our dining demonstration and salsa class.

Salsa and Salsa Shore Excursion - Bowl

Francisco was our teacher for the salsa and guacamole demonstration. He walked us through making two salsa dips and some fantastic guacamole. We learned a bit about the traditional ways of making salsa and local traditions too. With unlimited chips and delicious margaritas, it was fun making our own snacks. And I certainly helped myself to each of them!

We ended up purchasing one of the beautiful bowls, it was a great souvenir for us and we’ve used it many times since we’ve been home. It is a great reminder of our fun day in Costa Maya.

Salsa and Salsa Excursion - Guacaomole

With plenty of margaritas and salsa consumed, we moved on to the fun salsa dancing lessons! We learned a few basic moves and a short line dance that reminded me of the Electric Slide. A few dances involved a partner, but you could have easily done it on your own too.

Thanks to the margaritas, there were tons of laughs, bad dancers and it was the highlight of our day.

Salsa and Salsa Excursion - Dancing

After the dancing fun, Francisco passed out vouchers for taxis back to the ship, as we were free to leave at any time and also take advantage of the beach too. With access to the restrooms and amenities at the resort, the beach was just steps away.

There were local vendors nearby selling handmade goods and the beach was beautiful. An adjacent boardwalk made it easy to admire the beach and check out the local scene too.

Salsa and Salsa Excursion - Beach

Since the girls were still on the ship playing at Camp Ocean, we took a quick walk along the beach and headed back to the ship. Looking back, I wished we had spent more time exploring the area. The girls had a blast at camp and we could have spent more time at the beach.

My only regret of the fantastic Salsa & Salsa and Beach Break excursion is that we didn’t receive recipes of the salsa dishes and the guacamole. Sure, it was mainly just tomatoes, onions and peppers, but it would have been fun to completely recreate them once we arrived back home.

Salsa and Salsa Excursion - Food

The good news – we have a beautiful, new salsa dish to remember our fun day in Costa Maya and we’ve used it often. The Salsa & Salsa and Beach Break excursion was definitely one of the best ones we’ve experienced over the years. I loved that it was hands-on and so interactive. While it was relaxing and fun, I especially loved that we ‘did’ something with our time off the ship.

I’m thankful for our afternoon date away from the ship, we made some great memories together and I’m already excited to plan another excursion date for our next cruise.

Have You Visited Costa Maya?


** My family and I sailed as guests of Carnival Cruise Line. This excursion was complimentary, yet all opinions here are 100% my own. **


  • Nicole

    Do you recall which beach resort this was hosted at?

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    Looking for salsa dancing from msc February 14

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    Dont buy any of tequila there. I taste great when u taste it there but when u bring it home is watered down..

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