Carnival Vista Diary: Pizza + Wine = Naples, Italy

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I’ve always heard that Naples was “the” place to go for authentic, Italian pizza, so it was high on my list of ‘must do’s’ while in port on our Carnival Vista journey. The city of Naples was at our doorstep upon arriving in the port early that morning. We set out to explore and make our way through the busy city streets – in search of pizza.

Carnival Vista Diary- Pizza + Wine = Naples - blog

Finding a pizzeria in Naples is very similar to finding a Starbucks in New York City – there is one on every corner. Really. And while each one may vary in price and atmosphere – the one constant is that they all serve amazing pizza. And we hit the jackpot in finding a fantastic little spot right off of the beaten path.

Explore Off the Typical Tourist Path

We made our way through the city and bustling streets (beware: scooters will try and run you over) and stumbled upon Farina & Co: Pizza & Food overlooking the Piazza del Plebiscito, a large pedestrian area used for special events and gatherings.

Our server was also the chef, the cashier and couldn’t have been happier to see us. And while he spoke broken English, there was no shortage of friendliness and fantastic service. He even let me in the tiny kitchen to snap a few pictures of him in action. With one side of the restaurant offering patio seating, the opposite of the building was a take-out window — and he stayed busy.

Naples Pizzieria Resized

Along with two friends, we ended up eating four pizzas and splitting two bottles of wine. It was a magnificent afternoon with tons of laughs and great food. The best types of travel adventures are the ones that are spur of the moment and that’s exactly how our day went in Naples. I loved being able to walk directly off of the cruise ship and into a bustling city filled with culture.

During our extended lunch, we realized we had a view of Mount Vesuivius. We decided to make our way down to the waterfront as we walked back to the ship. It was a fun way to see the city.

Cropped Naples Photo

Pizza will never be the same again after our time in Naples. We made some wonderful memories together today — and that is what travel is all about for me. I hope we can make it back there again one day.

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Carnival Vista Exterior Aft

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Carnival’s newest, largest and most innovative ship, Carnival Vista is set to operate a series of Mediterranean voyages through October before repositioning to New York for a series of departures in November 2016.

Carnival Vista will launch year-round six- and eight-day Caribbean service from Miami in December 2016.

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Have You Been to Naples? Did You Enjoy the Pizza? 


** Carnival Cruise Line is hosting my husband and I on this press trip. Thoughts and opinions here are my own. **

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