Ji Ji Asian Kitchen: Signature Dining on Carnival Sunshine

One of the highlights of last month’s Carnival Sunshine sailing was dining at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen.

Known as one of Carnival’s signature dining experience, Ji Ji’s can only be found onboard the Carnival Sunshine (and the upcoming Carnival Vista) so this night was a real treat and I had been looking forward to it for months.

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What to Expect at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen

The word ‘Ji’ means ‘lucky’ and that’s exactly how I felt as we sat down at the table. The fun began when our server asked us each to roll the dice to determine which of us would be in charge of ordering for the table. My Dad ‘won’ the job and the pressure was on as our server walked us through the menu.

Food is served family style and as a party of four – our server recommended we choose three appetizers, three entrees, two side dishes and four desserts. Of course, we were welcome to order as many items as we’d like — and we did! There was so much fantastic food, all the perfect size for sharing around the table.

Jjji's Asian Kitchen - Peppered Beef

Let’s Eat!

Let’s just say that we kept the kitchen busy with all of the food we ordered that night.  (Check out the Ji Ji’s menu.) From the pot stickers to the slow-braised pork belly with a caramel chili sauce (my favorite dish of the night!) and the tamarind and shrimp soup – that was just the appetizers portion of our night!

For the entrees, we shared the peppered beef (pictured above), the sweet and sour shrimp, the Wagyu slow-braised short rib with sides of fried rice, spicy and crispy potato fries and Chinese broccoli with ginger. Each dish cooked to perfection. By the end, we had a table of empty plates!

Ji Ji Asian Kitchen - Carnival Cruise Collage

For desserts, we shared Rose Creme Brulee, fried wontons and caramelized crepes. Dinner ended with the perfect touch – fortune cookies! I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the message inside my cookie — “You will be hungry again in one hour. I can assure you that was definitely *not* the case.

As you exit the restaurant, be sure and say hello to the chefs working hard in the kitchen. I’m always amazed to see the attention to details that goes into preparing each dish. Pro Tip: During the day, the restaurant area is open seating to all cruisers – they do great wok bowls at lunchtime – for free!

Ji Ji Asian Kitchen - Chef at Work

A ‘Must Do’ Dining Experience

Since Ji Ji Asian Kitchen is considered a signature dining experience, there is an additional $15 fee per person. But don’t let that keep you away – it is worth every single penny and more. It is a fantastic value for a unique cruising experience.

Have you dined at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen? 


** My family and I sailed as guests of Carnival Cruise Line. Thoughts and opinions here are my own. **

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