Carnival First Cruise Line To Can And Keg Its Own Craft Beers

When traveling, I’m always on the lookout for local or craft beers that are ‘new to me’. Something out of the ordinary and something different than what I typically enjoy at home.

When it comes to cruising – Carnival Cruise Line has offered their own private craft beers on tap aboard the Carnival Horizon and Carnival Vista at the Red Frog Pub and Brewery and recently they’ve expanded their offerings bringing their beers to every ship in the fleet – in cans and kegs!

Yep, so no matter what ship you’re on, you’ll have the opportunity to drink Carnival branded craft beer. It is the first of its kind in the cruising industry and something, I think, that puts them ahead of the game in catering to unique beverage needs.

During our recent sailing on the Carnival Magic, I had the opportunity to try out the canned (and draft) beers that I remember so well from the Carnival Vista and Carnival Horizon and the tastes are still the great flavors I remember.

What Carnival Beers Are Available in Cans and On Tap?

Thanks to Carnival’s partnership with Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida – the cruise line and brewing manufacturer are able to provide the beers in mass quantity without losing the flavors using recipes created by the Carnival brewing team.

The Carnival beers you can now find across the entire fleet are –

·         ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat – an unfiltered wheat beer with flavors of orange and spices.

·         ParchedPig West Coast IPA – the embodiment of a traditional West Coast India Pale Ale, this hoppy, intense beer is loaded with bitterness with a bright flavor profile and distinctive aroma of citrus and pine.

·         ParchedPig Toasted Amber Ale – highlighted by its rich amber color and notes of toasted caramel and biscuit, this beer is well balanced, smooth and highly drinkable.

Carnival Cruise Line Canned Beers

What to Expect Onboard

I’ve had the opportunity to try each of the beers and my personal favorite is the ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat beer. I found it so great after a day at the beach – light and refreshing! My husband is an IPA type guy and he was a big fan of the ParchedPig West Coast IPA and the ParchedPig Toasted Amber Ale is also just as great.

During our recent sailing, my husband and I bought a few extra cans and put them in our refrigerator to enjoy later in the sailing. We took them out to the back of the ship one afternoon and enjoyed our own Happy Hour. And one night after dinner, we spent time in the casino catching up on ESPN and enjoyed a bucket of the canned beers.

Carnival Canned Beer at Sea

You’ll find the canned beers available at all bars across the ship – and if you prefer them on draft, stop in at the Red Frog Pub. Prefer to drink your canned beer out of a glass – not a problem, just ask for a frosty glass!

And if you have the CHEERS! program, these beers are included and offers you a great way to try these ‘new to you beers. From my experience, these beers were $6.50 a pint and/or can. Pretty reasonable as far as compared to other beers.

These recipes were developed in-house by Carnival’s brewery team and are great options no matter your beer preferences. On your next sailing, give each of them a try and I’m certain you’ll find one that you enjoy.

Take A Look at Carnival’s Canned and Keg Options

If only there was such thing as scratch-n-sniff via the computer! Here’s the next best thing — take a look at this great video showing off these tasty beers… and get ready to enjoy your next beer –

So, what do you think about these new beer selections? You’ll find them fleetwide – both in 16-ounce cans and on tap on Carnival’s 26 ships.

From ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat Ale to ParchedPig Toasted Amber Ale and the ParchedPig West Coast IPA – these selections are a welcome addition to the ships. At times, the Carnival brewery works with seasonal products creating unique brews like a Miami Guava Wheat and Pumpkin Spice Ale – so be on the lookout for seasonal brews on your next sailing.

Carnival Canned Beer in Red Frog Pub

Ready to Try ThirstyFrog and Parched Pig Beers?

Since introducing its first brewery at sea in 2016, Carnival Cruise Line has served nearly 300,000 pints of its private label craft beers to its guests. And I’m proud to have contributed to many of these pints. Have you enjoyed a few pints on Carnival ships?

To keep up with the latest cruise news — and also the latest Carnival beer news too, follow along on the Carnival Cruise Line Facebook page and on Twitter at @CarnivalCruise and on the Carnival Cruise Line Instagram page.


What Carnival Brew Would You Like to Try?



** My family and I attended this media event as guests of Carnival Cruise Line. Thoughts and opinions are my own. **


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