The One Valuable Item Every Hotel Needs for Families

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Between work trips and vacations, my family and I are fortunate to be on the road quite a bit. So, I know first-hand that traveling with toddlers is an adventure, especially when it’s time to settle in for bedtime. And throughout all of our travels there is ONE item that we immediately ask for when checking into hotels.

Bed Rails.  

The One Valuable Item Every Hotel Needs - Swan Dolphin - Blog Pic

Bed Rail Success Stories

In our five years of traveling as a family of four, we’ve only stayed at TWO places that even had them. Ever.  (Kudos to you Walt Disney World Resorts and also the Swan andDolphin Hotels.)

The Swan and Dolphin Resort, adjacent to Walt Disney World wins my love and affection. When I inquired about bed rails prior to our stay, then went above and beyond and had them installed before we even got in our room. And even more kudos to them because they had a rail for each side of the bed. Heaven sent!

Upon checking out, when I offered my thanks to the hotel representatives at the Swan and Dolphin, they were thrilled to know that something so small made such a huge impact on my family.  Bed time for my entire family was easier and I didn’t worry all night that someone was going to fall out of the bed.

Bed Rail Disaster

Make Your Own Bed Rails 

Another time while traveling I had to explain to a front desk clerk what bed rails even were, she couldn’t understand why I didn’t just want a crib instead. My girls were two and four-years old at the time, a baby crib was not for us.  As a parent to toddlers –  I sleep better knowing my child isn’t going to fall out of the bed.  And don’t we all just want mom to sleep better? Especially on vacation?

As a parent to toddlers - I sleep better knowing my child isn't going to fall out of the bed. And don't we all just want mom to sleep better? Especially on vacation?Click To Tweet

One of the most recent places we stayed at claimed to “cater to traveling families”, they even had bunk beds for kids –  yet they didn’t own a set of bed rails.  NONE.  That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and used the room’s ironing board to make a bed rail. It may have looked funny, but it worked perfectly.

At another resort on a recent trip, I moved the desk chair, the chaise lounge and an ottoman next to the bed to serve as a makeshift bed rail.  Usually,  we push a bed up against the wall, but not all beds can be moved which just adds to the dilemma.

Swan and Dolphin Bed with Bed Rails

My Plea to Hotels and Resorts

So, dearest hotels and resorts …. please take my plea to heart. Bed rails let toddlers sleep better, parents sleep better and it makes traveling feel a little more like being at home. Plus, I don’t have to rearrange the hotel room just to get my kids to sleep.

Bed rails could mean the world to a family that has been traveling all day.Click To Tweet

Please. Please. PLEASE…  buy a set of bed rails for your property. Even if it’s just one set – it could mean the world to a family that has been traveling all day.

And when you need a family to give your bed rails a try, shoot me an e-mail. We’d be happy to come visit you!


A mom that loves traveling with her toddlers and getting a good night’s sleep.

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