Asheville Adventure Center - KidZip Sign

Conquering Fears and Having Fun at the Adventure Center of Asheville

We had been preparing for this day for weeks. From watching YouTube videos to reading about it online and talking about it each night at the dinner table. And when the big day finally arrived, Maggie was ready for tons of fun at the Adventure Center of Asheville.

Asheville Adventure Center - KidZip Sign

Our day began with the rope course at the center’s Asheville Treetops Adventure Park and then after a quick picnic lunch, the girls were scheduled for the KidZip, the first zipline course designed for kids under ten years old. Needless to say, it was a guarantee everyone would sleep well that night.

Here’s a look at our fantastic day out at the Adventure Center of Asheville

Let’s Go Climbing

We met up with the Treetops Adventure team to get set up in the equipment and learn about the safety belays that keep you hooked into the safety apparatus at all times. Initially, I was worried about this part for Maggie, but with a little practice, she was a total pro. (In fact, she caught on faster than me!)

Asheville TreeTops Park - Maggie

We had plenty of time to practice, ask questions and get comfortable with our surroundings, as the team explained each of the six trails – ranging in difficulty, each with different levels of challenging obstacles. And before we knew it, we were climbing in the trees — and it was fantastic! Our session was two hours long, tons of time for exploring and having fun.

There are 60 unique challenges spread out through the 30 trees and poles in the park. The Treetops Adventure staff are stationed below you throughout the trails, offering encouragement and assistance if you need anything. Depending on your child’s age, depends on what restrictions they have in needing an adult with them at all times. Maggie and I loved going through the courses together.

Asheville TreeTops Park - Maggie and Mom

We started with the ‘easy’ course and once we completed it, moved on to the next level – with a bit more height and obstacles. Maggie was zooming all over the place and I found myself getting distracted because I was so impressed watching her. Not one ounce of fear – at all. (In the picture above, – that’s her in the pink shirt, me in the blue shirt.)

Time to Zip and Soar with KidZip

The KidZip course is known as the first zip line created for kids 10 and younger — and Maggie had a blast! Within her two hour session, she managed to go through the course 16 times, laughing and cheering the entire way.

Here, the kid I was worried about tackling her fears, completely demolished them and had a blast. Since we’ve returned home, Maggie has asked so many times if/when we can go back to conquer the KidZip again.

Asheville Adventure Center - KidZip

KidZip includes 9 Ziplines and 4 fun climbing elements. The ziplines range from 50 feet to 250 feet long and 25 feet high to ground level. So, things start out close to the ground and short lines as the kids work their way up to higher territory.

There are plenty of staff throughout the area to help kids when they need it, but honestly, Maggie tackled each course and climbing section with ease. We sat back and watched her go, ready with some water and a place to take a break.

Flexible, Understanding and Fantastic Staff

Now, you’ll notice that I told you about my experience and tons of Maggie’s experience — but what about Molly? Miss Molly (my seven year-old with Down syndrome) had a bit of nerves and ended up not doing to Treetops course, but did give the KidZip course a try with their staff nearby to help.

The staff was absolutely fantastic working with her and giving her a ‘special’ belay piece to help eliminate hooking into stations along the course. In the end, it was the height aspect that got to her. I don’t think she understood that she was strapped in and could not fall.

Asheville Adventure Center - Molly KidZip

The Treetops team members were determined to get Molly to participate — she wanted to join in on the fun, but was hesitant. They were fantastic in helping her overcome her fears. For the KidZip, she did the first line while someone ran behind her (she thought they were holding her, but nope!) and then another team member climbed the wooded stairs with her to the next line.

Their kindess and patience meant so much to me and my family. Seeing Molly conquer her fears and have fun, just like the ‘typical’ kids was amazing. Truly a highlight of our visit!

Asheville Adventure Center - Molly

Choose Your Own Fun at the Adventure Center of Asheville

In addition to the KidZip and TreeTops Adventure courses, there is also the Zipline Canopy Tours and the KOLO Bike Park – all within the campus of the Adventure Center of Asheville. The staff is fantastic and ready to set you up for a day of fun, no matter which activities you choose for your family.

The bike park was filled with parents and kids exploring the wooded trails and the dirt paths. You can bring your own bikes or just rent one from the center. Molly and I enjoyed watching the Zipline Canopy Tour — they go HIGH in the air with views of the downtown Asheville skyline too.

Asheville Adventure Center Collage

Ready to Plan Your Next Adventure?

Ready to plan your own adventures in Asheville? Go to to check out all the fun – you can sign up and pay for experiences right on the site.

In addition to their regular sessions, their calendar of events is filled with great activities. We visited during the summer and they had some pretty awesome day camps for kids. I’m trying to convince my husband into spending a week in Asheville and letting Maggie go to camp there during the day!

For the latest news and events, check out the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park Facebook Page and on Twitter at @AVLTreeTops.

Are You Ready for Adventures?


** My family and I were guests of the Adventure Center of Asheville. We received complimentary access to the TreeTops Adventure Course and Kid Zip. Thoughts and opinions here are my own. ** 

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