4 Examples of Disney Magic to Inspire You

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Sometimes, people laugh at me when I tell them that Walt Disney World is a magical place. And honestly, the people that laugh are ones that have never been or never seen the park through a child’s eyes.

During our visits we’ve experienced a lot of moments that have stopped me in my tracks because they were so overwhelming. And I mean that in the best way possible. They were experiences filled with magic, beauty and unforgettable moments with my girls. Here’s a look —

Disney Magic Inspire You - blog pic

It’s Time for the Parade

The Festival of Fantasy parade at Magic Kingdom Park puts a smile on my face as soon as I see that giant float make its way down the street. And for the next twenty minutes, I’m smiling and dancing along with my kids.

From Peter Pan and Wendy, to Rapunzel, Ariel and of course, Anna and Elsa — the Disney stories come to life and I’m giddy with excitement.

Disney Magic Ariel Festival of Fantasy Parade

And while we try to see the parade each visit, some of my favorite moments are just watching the other families around us that are seeing it for the first time. The smiles, the laughter and the excitement — it builds me up too.

Pro Tip: My favorite spot to watch the parade is in Town Square underneath the Train Station. This is actually at the very end of the parade route, so while the parade may start at 3 p.m. in Frontierland, it doesn’t make it to the Train Station until 3:20-ish p.m. Where’s your favorite parade viewing spot?

Disney Magic Inspires Festival of Fantasy

Say Hello to Mickey

You never know when magic will happen at Walt Disney World and it is never more true than when we go to meet Mickey at Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom Park.

Over the past few years, Mickey has learned how to talk and it makes me cry each time I see it happen. It’s the most amazing thing — sometimes he does magic card tricks with folks, I’ve seen him pretend to be a hitchhiking ghost from the Haunted Mansion and my favorite was when he sang the ‘Hot Dog’ song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my girls. They were dancing all over the room together.

Disney Magic and Meeting Mickey Mouse

It is not a guarantee that Mickey will talk each time you visit him, and while that’s kind of a down’er, it just makes it that more magical when he really does talk!

And as I’m writing this story, it occurred to me that I don’t have video of Mickey talking to my girls. Putting that on my ‘must do’ for our next visit. For now, check out this fun video I found online –

Disney Magic Inspires Sibling Love

Let’s be honest… it isn’t everyday that siblings decide to hug it out and soak in a moment. Now, that’s not to say that mine don’t have their breakdowns, but there’s something about Disney that brings out the sisterly love.

Pro Tip: Sometimes it is best to just step back and watch from a distance. And of course, have the camera ready too!

Disney Magic at the Parade


Whether it is the fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park or Illuminations at Epcot – Disney fireworks inspire me in so many ways. I usually end up crying happy tears and leave the park filled with joy. Do you find fireworks inspiring like I do?

Pro Tip: For a unique view of Illuminations at Epcot, find a spot in the International Gateway between the United Kingdom and Canada.

Disney Magic with Epcot Fireworks from the International Gateway

Where are your favorite spots for fireworks? I have two favorite spots to watch the Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom Park. One is from the top of the Train Station, looking straight down Main Street U.S.A — besides a fantastic view, you can also scoot out of the park as soon as the show is over. Sure it will still be crowded, but you’ll beat a lot of the folks out of the park.

My other favorite spot for fireworks is to watch from across Seven Seas Lagoon at the ferry boat dock. It gives off a really unique view from across the waterfront and they even play the Wishes music across the speakers at the Ticket & Transportation Center. It’s pretty magical — and usually not crowded at all.

Fireworks Disney Inspires Magic Kingdom

In what ways does Walt Disney World inspire you? Is it the magic of fireworks or the excitement of seeing Mickey Mouse talk to your kids?

While I only talked about four in this story, there are so many other ways that Disney inspires me to love, be a better friend and share love with others.

What inspires you when you visit Walt Disney World? 

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